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FMCG entities require constant innovation throughout their SAP processes. Kannanware has been enabling the FMCG sector keep up with the growing demand through SAP innovations on a sustained format.

Kannanware believes that through Financial shared services management they can support efficient, scalable operations by simplifying and automating execution of key financial processes across departments, boost quality


Enterprise Resources Planning Systems (ERP) are implemented in organizations to optimize the supply chain to improve the overall performance. Yet, it is observed that many organizations have not achieved the desired level of performance through this strategic move. Literature suggest that the implementation barriers can be a main reason for this. Hence the problem cantered in this study is to identify the success factors and challenges of ERP systems implementation in the FMCG industry in Sri Lanka. This study uses the case study approach for four companies in the FMCG industry. Focus group interviews were used to gather data and the participants of the focus group interviews were key users who had an important role during the implementation. Semi-structured interviews were conducted by an experienced interviewer using an interview guide with semi-structured questions.


Success factors included the technological know-how, high management commitment, lesser government regulations, and experience of the process re-engineering. Challenges included investment in resources, information management, changing the organization culture to the best practices of the system, lack of the user training and limitation of the proper consultancy services. Findings of the study can be used as a framework to understand the ERP implementation success factors and the potential challenges faced by organizations in the FMCG industry