Our Story

Discovery, Invention and Innovation

Who are we?

Kannanware is founded by Shri Senthamarai Kannan, a fellow Chartered Accountant and a certified S4HANA consultant with over two decades of experience in SAP Finance Consulting & Project Management space. His vision to fill the knowledge quality gap that is witnessed between the industry needs and the market potential for quality finance consultants gave birth to Kannanware. Now we are a firm that is focused to deliver cutting edge & innovative SAP Finance consulting services to our esteemed clients. Having founded on September 8th 2021 we are Start-Up India recognised entity and an MSME enterprise.


How do we achieve this?

We do this by recruiting smart talents from all parts of the country and provide them with rigorous up-skilling opportunity with our very own innovative coaching methodology, curated mentoring and using technologically advanced tools. Our in-house developed staff are referred as Transformation Specialists for their potential to transform the client's business functions into high performing functions. Our specialists are always industry ready to provide transformational and technologically advanced solutions to our clients.

Our Vision

To create a world where technology is accessible to all, promoting education and equity while celebrating diversity and inclusion.

We aim to be a beacon of hope in the digital age, empowering individuals to connect, innovate, and thrive.


Our Mission

“Premium Business solutions as Our Ark, Unity as Our Compass“

In line with the ethos of Noah's Ark, our mission is to establish an Enterprise sanctuary that upholds excellence. Here, the provision of exceptional client services acts as a conduit for innovation, connectivity, and preservation, supported by our wealth of knowledge, extensive experience, and advanced technologies.

  • To build solutions that weather the storms of change, ensuring continuity, security, and prosperity in an ever-evolving digital landscape for our clients.
  • To value the unique strengths and contributions of each partner, fostering a collaborative ecosystem that transcends boundaries and fosters collective success.
  • To foster diversity and inclusion, ensuring that every individual, regardless of background or circumstance, finds opportunity within our ecosystem.
  • To build a digital ark for our country, where technology serves as a beacon of hope, resilience, and progress.
  • To minimize our environmental footprint and promote sustainable practices in all aspects of our operations.

Our Values

"Adapt, Thrive, Succeed“

  • Commitment to adapt, openness to change, and willingness to accommodate varying needs and circumstances.
  • Flexible work arrangements, agile decision-making processes, and a culture that embraces innovation and experimentation.

"Opportunity Awaits, Seize the Moment“

  • Provide unparalleled opportunities with the latest technology, expert guidance, and a supportive environment.
  • Creating pathways for career progression, offering learning and development opportunities.

"Balance, Harmony, Well-being“

  • Support employees in achieving a healthy balance between work responsibilities and personal life.
  • Foster a culture of psychological safety and well-being.