SAP Business Technology Platform


Establish a solid foundation for the digitization of your business processes and the creation of new business models.

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What is SAP BTP?

Empower your business with the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), offering an extensive array of services and tools to facilitate the digitization and modernization of your processes, data, and business models.

With capabilities in extension, integration, development, and innovation scenarios, SAP BTP is the ultimate platform for driving digital transformation.

Featuring a comprehensive service portfolio and unparalleled usability, the SAP BTP provides the ideal foundation for your transformation into an intelligent enterprise. With its support for a wide range of business scenarios, including cloud strategies and bimodal IT establishment, the SAP BTP enables the implementation of countless digital initiatives.

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4 Elements of Operation

  • Database and Data Management
  • Application Development and Integration
  • Analytics
  • Intelligent Technologies
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Why choose SAP BTP from Kannanware?

With SAP BTP, you gain the flexibility to seamlessly transition your operations from on-premise to the cloud, unlocking accelerated outcomes by simplifying operations and integrating your IT landscape for advanced turnaround.

By harnessing the power of SAP and third-party applications, you can reap the full benefits of digital transformation today.

In essence, SAP BTP delivers a wide array of efficient services and cutting-edge tools on a modern platform, which can be seamlessly and rapidly integrated into your IT architecture with our expert support.

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