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Disruptive change has swept through the media industry in recent years as digital technology has access to faster Internet and sophisticated hand-held devices. This trend is compelling media & entertainment entities to prime their capabilities with new marketing strategies and operating models. The industry is being driven by big data and IoT. To manage all this real-time big data, Kannanware optimizes the functionality of media firms in Collaboration with SAP Cloud Platform SAP S/4 HANA that enables showbiz firms to digitize and innovate their business models. Kannanware has the right mix of cutting-edge infrastructure and offers: Support financial and operational decision-making with software analytics for management reporting, management of financial performance to control costs and execute organizational strategies, getting detailed, instant insight into product costs and margins to maintain a profitable product portfolio, collect, analyze, evaluate, and report profit and loss information to increase overall profitability and to optimize the functionality of media and entertainment companies leveraging the potential of SAP suite.


According to SAP’s official website, about 83% of the media-based companies listed in Forbes Global 2000 are SAP customers. Furthermore, SAP customers broadcast about 74% of the television and radio content.

Role of SAP S/4 HANA and SAP Cloud Platform


Providing Customer Analytics


Creating New Cloud-Based Apps


Increase the Storage CapacityReducing the Data Footprint