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The larger chemical industry spectrum is being driven by a brand new set of operational trends. Rapid market erosion mandates chemical companies to focus on portfolio optimization and co-innovation. Chemical enterprises now need intelligent, integrated business processes. And Kannanware empowers chemical manufacturing entities to thrive in an ultra-competitive, complex ecosystem by leveraging SAP powered digital functionality and transformation by providing solution that enhances the capabilities of the industry which helps you in managing your Functionality for Financial Management, Reporting, Planning and Analysis which supports executives adjust plans and allocate resources to accommodate a rapid market change and align performance with strategies and workflow which are designed specific to chemical.


Oil & Gas

Oil and gas industries are directly affected by increasing demands and challenges in the market. The archetypal oil and gas market is regulated with major investments on producing upstream, downstream oil and gas products like crude oil, petroleum products, oil tankers, natural gas etc., which are produced as per specific market demand. Implementation of SAP plays a critical role in maintaining overall operational capabilities of oil and gas companies especially firms deploying industry best practices.


The Transformation Specialists at Kannanware come with the capability of customizing Finance, Cost, and Asset Management needs by providing real-time reporting and analysis of the Granular operational data for Finance and Cost management. By applying the latest technology innovations for the energy industry, you can effectively plan, schedule, execute, and refine your oil, gas, and energy operations and asset maintenance


Automotive, Industrial and Marine lubricants form the lubricant pie in the ratio 60 : 35 : 5.Products include Auto Engine Oils, Auto Gear Oils, Auto Greases, Turbine Oils, Hydraulic Oils, Metal Working Oils, Gear Oils, Rolling Oils.


Major players include IOC, HPCL, BPCL, Castrol, TotalFina Elf, Tidewater Oil Co., Exxon-Mobil, Motul and Gulf Oil. These players are active in the automotive and industrial lubricant segment.

The marine lubricant segment primarily includes IOC, TotalFina Elf and Apar industries


There are three primary channels for sales of lubricants in India:

  • Petrol pumps
  • Bazaar retailers
  • Direct selling